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Is this shit aloud

Vine by Daniel Gomez


when better armor is uglier



when my mum scolds me





This is my kitten, Simba. I rescued Alaska (My Grey Kitty) from a shelter by my house and I found Simba (The Brown Kitty) in a trash can.

Simba was laying next to his two, what I assume to be, brothers who sadly passed away.. and simba was still cuddling with them for what I…






Message of the Day- Don’t let anything stop you from following your dreams.
From Jay-Z telling him he needs to stick to producing, to a almost fatal Car accident, Having his mouth wired and still recording, To his mom Passing away, to people trying to minimize his success, Kanye Has never let anyone or anything control his ambition.
Just look at this picture from 12yrs ago and imagine where music would be if He would have given up on his dreams.
Don’t ever dwell on what you don’t have, if you don’t have something at the moment, God just doesn’t think your ready, so be happy with what you have and use those tools to help you get what you need! 🙏😊

Reason I will never turn my back on him


For one music would be better.   that said… We almost got rid of this prick 12 years ago and SOMEONE FUCKING SAVED HIM? I am sure they have committed suicide by now. 






Fuck yeah!

This is maybe one of the greatest wild life phenomenon on the planet ever captured on lens!
In the sea of Cortez, Baja California, Mexico, a massive congregation of Munkiana Devil Rays, relative of manta rays, was captured by a German photographer Florian Schulz, displaying unusual event which he dubbed as the Flight of the Rays.
But as this wonderful perspective shows, for all the individuals leaping out that are visible at sea level, there are many more below the surface. The jaw-dropping image below shows only a quarter of the whole scene.
No one knows why the rays gather like this, whether to mate, herd prey or migrate or just for the sheer joy of being together.
Anonymous asked:
You don't think that being a SB is wrong.? I mean I think that it would be amazing to be pampered with luxury and things that I could only dream of touching but don't people call you a gold digger?


Let’s begin by reiterating that I don’t force people to give me their money. I have not ever held a gun to someone’s head and demanded they give me something they do not feel I am entitled to. I don’t understand why I should be belittled for the fact that there are wealthy, powerful men who are willing to provide young, attractive, smart women like myself with money, gifts, travel, etc. in exchange for their time. Perhaps if you see an issue with that, you shouldn’t blame me – maybe you should look closer at the socially and politically reinforced attitudes that have bred a world in which sugar dating is not only plausible, but popular?

The worst people can call me is a “gold digger”, or a “whore”, or “slut”, or “bitch”. Even then, they’d call me a gold digger if I were dating these men for free, because the media has decreed that hot, young women only want one thing from successful older men – it’s not the enjoyment of spending time with someone who’s driven, ambitious, supportive, worldly and intelligent, it’s their wallet. The other names? I’ve been called worse on the street walking home from work, with no justification. People use words like that to leverage control over others. Unfortunately for the small minds that spit those kinds of slurs, they don’t work as well once you know they have no real power unless you allow them to hold sway over your thoughts and actions. Like Eleanor Roosevelt said, no one can make you feel inferior without your consent.

When a man gives me money in exchange for the pleasure of my company, he is acknowledging that I have provided something – a service, whatever it may be, whether it’s company over dinner or yes, sex – for which he is willing to pay good money. When I’m sugaring, I’m still ‘dating’ men I’m attracted to both intellectually and physically but in my case, they are cognisant of (and, if they’ve made it through my screening, usually respectful of) the fact that my time is precious and if they want to share it with me, something’s gotta give

And please, don’t be mislead into thinking that being an SB isn’t hard work – sugaring is hard work from beginning to end and a good SB is paid accordingly for the mastery of an art. Trust me when I say that I have earned every dollar, every gift, every hatted five-course meal I have received during my time sugaring. You should also believe me when I say that, given the alternative, I’d rather sugar and be paid for my time and effort than waste money and time going on an endless round of dates with men who are unappreciative. 

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